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How did everything start?


The company owner, which is also a minister, has served his community for several years. He was also a bi-vocational pastor while he was an auditor for the Ohio Department of Taxation for 30 years. He was one of those auditors that served the business through his work and made sure businesses were treated fairly. Throughout his audit compliance review, he did not only notify the companies where they underpay taxes but also in areas where they overpay taxes. Fairness and learning experience were part of the way to help the business maintain its tax compliance. Making sure companies got their money due was also vital for fairness and equity. Being fair and applying equity are still motivations that drive the owner of this company. After he retired from the government office, he would like to continue to work in your favor to maximize your cash flow. Also, it will be essential to make sure your business will continue to comply with the government requirements, but at the same time, you do not overpay them either.

Luis R Vizcarrondo, AFSP 2022 - Owner


Thank you for taking the time to value what we offer to your business. We have the knowledge and tools to maintain your books in excellent compliance with the government, vendors, and customers. Your success is our success!

We want your business to strive to have a better future for your family and your future generation. Please allow us to gain your trust and business for you to relax and continue a successful business. Count us in to be part of your story of success!