Misc. Services 

These additional services complement our services to you.  For example, we will review your purchases to make sure you will not under or over sales tax. If uncle Sam contact, you will be able to represent you and fight for you. These Miscellaneous include:

Are you concern that you may be overpaying sales tax on your business purchases? We could review those purchases to make sure you get your overpayments back and get you in compliance with government agencies. 


Did you got a letter from the State for an audit for sales tax? We are here to help and make sure all alternatives are given to you to comply with all audit requirements and get the opportunity to defend your interest. 


We could create or convert your paper forms into professional pdf form. Also, we could convert your form into a fillable pdf form.


Data is a very important business tool. Nevertheless, sometimes the data sometimes comes in a usable format or no easy manage. We could convert your data from to a more workable format to manipulate and develop the necessary strategies for your business.  



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