Career Development

Career Development

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Career Development courses (12 Months Subscription for Unique users)


Course Library Included:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Active Listening
  3. Honing and Delivering Your Message
  4. Becoming a Better Learner
  5. Identifying and Combating Fake News
  6. Business Etiquette
  7. Influence and Persuasion
  8. Communication Strategies
  9. Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  10. Conflict Resolution - Dealing with Difficult People
  11. Managing Pressure and Maintaining Balance
  12. Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio
  13. Mastering the Interview
  14. Creative Thinking and Innovation
  15. Networking for Success
  16. Customer Service Training - Critical Elements of Customer Service
  17. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Tools for Real Life
  18. Developing Your Executive Presence
  19. Personal Brand Maximizing Personal Impact
  20. Fostering Innovation
  21. Project Management All You Need to Know
  22. Getting Your Job Search Started
  23. Project Planning All You Need to Know
  24. Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness
  25. Public Speaking - Presentation Survival School
  26. Conducting Accurate Internet Research
  27. Public Speaking - Speaking Under Pressure
  28. Creating Winning Proposals
  29. Research Skills
  30. Dealing with the Media: Creating a positive working relationship
  31. Self-Leadership
  32. Getting Stuff Done - Personal Development Boot Camp
  33. Skills for the Administrative Assistant
  34. Business Writing That Works
  35. The Minute Takers Workshop
  36. Critical Thinking
  37. Time Management - Get Organized for Peak Performance
  38. Advanced Writing Skills
  39. Working Smarter - Using Technology to your Advantage
  40. Emotional Intelligence
  41. Workplace Success Seven Key Skills you will Need
  42. Conquering Public Speaking in Public
  43. Writing Reports and Proposals
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