Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative Thinking and Innovation

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Creative Thinking and Innovation for a Single Unique User Course (Online subscription only)


Creative Thinking and Innovation

Creative thinking and innovation are vital components in both our personal and professional lives. However, many people feel as though they are lacking in creativity. What most of us do not recognize is that we are creative on a daily basis, whether it’s picking out what clothes to wear in the morning or stretching a tight budget at work. While these tasks may not normally be associated with creativity, there is a great deal of creativity involved to get those jobs done.


While some people seem to be simply bursting with creativity, others find it a struggle to think outside the square. If you fall into the latter category, it is important to understand that boosting your creative and innovative abilities takes practice. Recognizing and honing your own creative potential is a process. That’s what this two-day workshop is all about.


This two-day workshop will help you teach participants how to:

  • Identify the difference between creativity and innovation
  • Recognize their own creativity
  • Build their own creative environment
  • Explain the importance of creativity and innovation in business
  • Apply problem-solving steps and tools
  • Use individual and group techniques to help generate creative ideas
  • Implement creative ideas


Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.


What are Creativity and Innovation?

To begin, participants will define creativity and innovation. They will also explore their creative potential.


Individual Creativity

In this session, participants will look at how to increase their individual creativity.


Get Creative

Next, participants will review their pre-assignment and reflect on their own creative and innovative abilities.


Developing the Right Environment for Creativity

This session will give participants some ideas for building their own creative environment.


Creativity and Innovation in Business

This session will show participants how creativity and innovation can have tangible business results.


Where Does Creativity Fit into the Problem Solving Process?

Next, participants will learn about a traditional problem-solving model and a creative problem-solving the model.


Defining the Problem

In this session, participants will learn some ways to define a problem, a crucial first step before problem-solving can begin.


Creative Techniques

Day Two of the workshop will begin at an in-depth look at some creative thinking techniques. Topics will include the RAP model, shoe swap, mind mapping, metaphors and analogies, situation/solution reversal, and using objects to inspire ideas.


Encouraging Creativity In A-Team

The afternoon of Day Two will focus on team creativity techniques, including brainstorming, role storming, brainwriting, the stepladder technique, and the slip writing technique.


Putting It All Together

To cap off the workshop, participants will complete a problem-solving case study.

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