Leadership Skills for Supervisors

Leadership Skills for Supervisors

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Leadership Skills for Supervisors - Communication, Coaching, and Conflict for a Single Unique User Course (Online subscription only)


Leadership Skills: Becoming an Effective Supervisor

Supervisors represent an important force in the economy. You have the power to turn on or turn off the productivity of the people who report to you. You are the crucial interface between the employee on the shop floor or the service desk and the managers of the organization. Although you usually have more technical experience than the employees you supervise, you may not have had a lot of leadership experience. This one-day course will give you the skills that you need to be successful.


This one-day workshop will help you teach participants how to:

  • Learn ways to prioritize, plan, and manage your time.
  • Identify your primary leadership style.
  • Develop some flexibility to use other leadership styles.
  • Determine ways you can meet the needs of employees and co-workers through communication and coaching.
  • Explore ways to make conflict a powerful force for creative, well-rounded solutions to problems.


Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.


Pre-Assignment Review

To begin the course, participants will review their pre-assignment, which asked them to consider where they currently are as a leader and where they want to go.


What’s Your Type? How About Mine?

In this session, participants will complete a self-assessment to help them identify their leadership style.



Participants will complete a questionnaire to help determine whether they are an introvert or an extrovert.


Understanding Leadership

This session will explore several different leadership models, including Situational Leadership II® and servant leadership. Performance management will also be covered.


Managing Your Time and Your Energy

In this session, participants will learn how to get organized, set goals, and manage their time.


The Commitment Curve

Next, onboarding and orientation will be discussed, and participants will learn about the commitment curve and how to use it to build employee engagement.


Employee Development Models

This session will give participants a model for effective coaching. “You” and “I” messages will also be discussed, along with the consequences and benefits matrix.


Dealing with Conflict and Difficult Issues

In this session, participants will learn seven techniques for resolving conflict.


What Successful Leaders Do

The course will wrap up with a look at practices of successful leaders and organizations.

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