Microsoft Excel Online

Microsoft Excel Online

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Microsoft Excel Online for a Single Unique User Course (Online subscription only)


Microsoft Excel Online

Excel Online is Microsoft?s cloud-based, easy-to-use spreadsheet program. This course is intended to help all users get up to speed with Excel Online. By the end of this course, users should be comfortable with creating a new spreadsheet, working with basic formulas and functions, and making a spreadsheet look professional and presentable.


Getting Started

In the first lesson, students will learn how to identify the components of the Excel Online interface as well as some Excel terminology and how to navigate the app. We also take a look at the basic options for managing workbooks and how to get help in Excel Online.

Working with Data

Next, we explore how to use formulas and functions, how to work with data, rows, and columns, and how to sort and filter data.

Formatting a Worksheet

Then we teach students how to format text and cells, align cell contents, use find and select tools and how to apply, customize and clear conditional formatting.

Adding Pictures and Shapes

In this lesson, students will focus on how to insert, rotate, resize and delete pictures and how to insert and format shapes.

Organizing Worksheet Data with Tables and Charts

Next, we take a look at how to create and customize tables, how to insert charts and customize them to ensure data is displayed properly.



Using Pivot-Tables

Then, we will teach students how to insert PivotTables, work with PivotTable data and how to sort and filter that data.

Finalizing Workbooks

In the final lesson, we cover how to insert, edit and delete comments. Creating and customizing additional worksheets, and some of the ways to customize the view options of each workbook are also discussed.

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