Microsoft PowerPoint 365 Part 1

Microsoft PowerPoint 365 Part 1

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Microsoft Powerpoint 365 for a Single Unique User Course (Online subscription only)


Course Outline

PowerPoint 365 Online is a cloud-based version of Microsoft?s presentation software. It is part of Office 365, Microsoft?s cloud-based product offering.


This course is intended to help all users get up to speed quickly with PowerPoint 365 Online. By the end of this course, students should be comfortable using PowerPoint 365 Online to create a presentation with a variety of features.


Getting Started

In the first lesson, students will learn how to log into Office 365 and launch PowerPoint before delving into how to create, edit and view presentations. Using Tell Me and how to access advanced help options are also covered.


Developing a PowerPoint Presentation

Next, we explore the steps to developing a PowerPoint presentation. We start by learning how to build a presentation?s framework. We then learn how to edit text and objects, as well as format text and paragraphs.


Working with Images and Shapes

Then, we cover working with objects in a document, including inserting, resizing, and formatting different types of graphics.


Working with SmartArt

In this lesson, students will learn about SmartArt and how versatile it is. They will become familiar with building and customizing a SmartArt diagram.


Working with Tables

Students will then learn how to add tables to a presentation as well as how to how to modify and format them.


Finishing Your Presentation

In the final lesson, we go over how to apply the finishing touches to a presentation, including animations, transitions, and designs. We also cover how to use comments, sharing features, and collaboration tools to co-author a presentation.

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