Writing for the Web Catching the Reader’s Attention

Writing for the Web Catching the Reader’s Attention

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Writing for the Web for a Single Unique User Course (Online subscription only)


Writing for the Web: Catching the Reader’s Attention

The Internet is full of fascinating places to find information, check out your favorite companies and stores, look for deals, read the news, and much more. However, people don’t read the information on the web in the same way that they read a printed newspaper, magazine, or a book. As writers, we must be very aware of how people approach a web page so that we can create interesting and engaging content. This one-day course is for people who write for readers on the web.


This one-day workshop will help you teach participants how to:

  • Apply engaging techniques that draw readers to web pages
  • Plan what to write to reflect their web hierarchy
  • Create engaging content, including catchy headlines
  • Enhance their writing with other forms of media
  • Make their writing accessible to a variety of readers


Course Overview

You will spend the first part of the day getting to know participants and discussing what will take place during the workshop. Students will also have an opportunity to identify their personal learning objectives.


Getting to Know the Web

To start the course, participants will learn how web writing is different from other writing. They will also learn about eight influence factors that they can use to engage readers.


Creating Your Content

Next, participants will get some tips on writing eye-catching headlines and good content. They will also learn about setting writing goals.


Writing for Different Mediums

Writing for various mediums on the web has similarities and differences. This session will explore those.


Testing the Waters

This session will give participants some hands-on practice with a key aspect of web writing: conciseness.


Deciding What’s Fit to Print

Participants will learn how to measure usability and other tools that can help them decide what to write about.


Adding Audio and Video to Your Content

There’s a great debate out there about whether or not audio and video belong on every site. Participants will consider this topic during this session.


Getting Your Content Noticed

To begin this session, participants will learn some tips for making their content accessible to all readers. Then, participants will learn about search engine optimization, alternative search, keyword optimization and various platforms for sharing content.

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